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Roof Top Hideaways With Spectacular Views

Roof tops, even if you’re blessed with a flat roof with access, are often overlooked. But if you’re lucky enough to have both a flat roof and a spectacular view, you’ve got a lot of potential for designing and creating a luxurious hideaway space to help you enjoy your roof properly. Image: Building Solutions and […]

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30 Delightful Plant Container Gardens

A popular feature in many patios and backyards is, of course, a container garden. Especially true in contemporary and urban set-ups, container gardens are the ideal way to add a unique touch to your patio and host plants that aren’t always keen to the soil conditions around your home. Here are a few of our […]

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Modern Garage Doors Design Ideas

Garage doors are often tragically overlooked when it comes to designing or decorating a home. They’re thought of as being purely utilitarian. But trust us on this. Spend some time on your garage door and it’ll do wonders for your home. Check out these modern garage doors to see what we mean. Image: DWYER DESIGN […]

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